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сряда, 26 юни 2013 г.

Program for learning of foreign languages​​!

Program for learning of foreign languages​​!
Short guide to install and use!
BG: Програма за учене на чужди езици!

Hello, dear users!
In this topic we will briefly explain how to learn foreign languages with ​​program Rosetta Stone.
Attention! The reading of the text below is at your own risk!
The following text describes how you can download and install old version of Rosetta Stone V.3.3.5. from Internet.
In some countries, this action is illegal and crime.
The European Union sharing of information is legitimate and legal.
However, I recommend you to buy the latest version of the official website of Rosetta Stone:
So this is how you can learn a language with program Rosetta Stone V.3.3.5.
Follow these steps:
First you need to install a program for downloading torrents like uTorrent.
You can download it from their official website.
Then you need to find the program Rosetta Stone from any torrent site.
Search for torrent in Google:
Just type in the search box Rosetta Stone V.3.3.5. Language Packs and that's it.
Or click on this link and torrent will begin downloading.
Package is quite large - about 27 GB, but includes quite languages ​​- so you are entitled to - a great choice.
After downloading the entire torrent (even at high download speed will take at least 10-15 hours), open the folder with information - there should be a folder and many language archives.
What to do with the archives of the various languages ​​will explain down.
Now open the folder RosettaStoneSetUp.
Inside there should be archive of the same name, in which has been archived installer of program itself RosettaStoneSetup.exe.
Run the file RosettaStoneSetup.exe and install the program on your computer.
Then from folder Crack get out RosettaStoneVersion3.exe file and copy it to the installation folder of the program:
C:\Program Files\Rosetta Stone\Rosetta Stone Version 3
If you are wondering why you do this, the explanation is very simple - the installation folder of the program has a file named RosettaStoneVersion3.exe.
When you replace it with crack file with the same name from folder Crack, you can use the program without having to register.
Once you do a full installation of the program and replace the original file with crack file RosettaStoneVersion3.exe need to run the program.
When you run it, the program will ask you to register it - on screen will appear window for activation, but do not try to register it anywhere press "Activate Later" and still be able to fully use any installed language packs.
Furthermore, not update program and do not register, without matter how many times you see messages for that, because if you try to update or to register, then you can not use it.
You'll have to make your own account in the program - so it will remember who you are and the next time you login you will continue from there to where you stop into training.
The next step is to activate the language packs.
For this you need another program that can simulate that language packs are stored on CD / DVD, not the backup files.
There are many such programs - use DAEMON Tools Lite.
You can download it from here:
After you install and activate the program, it will create a virtual CD / DVD drive.
In this device using the program DAEMON Tools Lite you need to load your desired language pack - for example English British V3 Level 1.
After loading the virtual drive, run the Rosetta Stone language pack and unzip to your hard drive.
Then you can start learning the language.  
Enjoy foreign language learning with the program Rosetta Stone!
Finally, again I recommend you to buy the original program from here:

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